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Madolyn B.

They are a group of people who understand that as women, we go though a lot and periods are something that we have to deal with, but don’t have to be worried or ashamed about.

Brittany R.

@hersday.official coming in clutch for pamper nights while aunt flow visits 🙋🏻‍♀️ Hersday is a monthly period subscription box to provide you with the best
& most comfortable

Brookie T.

Hersday is making sure you are all set for those monthly blues with a period subscription box! Making it a stress-free straight to your door delivery, with everything you’ll need to get through the week!

Kelly S.

We tend to become more moody, feel under the weather, have awful cramps or sometimes back pain when our period strikes. Now with Hersday,
I can stay comfortable & dry while I'm on my period.

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