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April 24, 2018

Do you know that period pain is related to genetic? A study shows if your mother had suffered from period pain, you are more likely to suffer too.
Before you start playing the blame game, you need to know that there are ways for you to treat your period pain. How?
1. Reduce the amount of salt
It is best if you reduce salt intake a day or two before your period start, actually it’s even better to do it in youreveryday diet. Sodium is an essential element of life and of our bodies to regulate fluid balance and help our muscles function properly, but when the body has too much of it, sodium can produce detrimental effects.
How detrimental? High blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and severe period pain, you name it.
The problem is that there may be high amounts of hidden salt in store-boughtprocessed,prepackaged, andrestaurant food which makes it difficult to manage your sodium intake. You would never know that about ¾ of the sodium in the Americans’ diets comes from processed, prepackaged, and restaurant foods.
So what, how to reduce salt intake? When you dine out,ask the server for the amount of sodium in the meal, alsoask if there’s a separate menu for low-sodium meal options.
If you prefer to cook yourself, you just need tolearn to read every nutrition label to check for sodium amounts andreplace salt with herbs and spicesfor adding flavor to food.
Once you start doing this, not only does it brings benefits to your health, it will also treat your period pain too.
2. Befriend with heat
Do you notice that your period cramps worsen during winter? The theory is that cold weather increases the thickness of the fluid within the joint, making it lose some of its lubrication properties. Keep in mind, this fluid has an egg white consistency but egg white is less runny out of the fridge. A thicker fluid means more pressure within the joints, which means more pain.
How do you deal with it? Easy peasy!Drink hot tea/coffee,cuddle with your rechargeable heating pad,relax in a hot tubandrub lower part of your tummy and on your feet with essential oil or hot oil. -I would suggest essential oil with the combination of lavender and clary sage as it smells better than hot oil.
It may sound crazy but a study shows thatinhaling the smell of lavenderreduced the severity of pain from period cramps. You can try toadd a few drops of lavender oil every time you take a warm bath.
The key is to always keep yourself warm inside and out. Though you live in a warm or hot climate, you still need to keep yourself warm especially if you have severe period pain as it will give you extra comfort.
3. Gentle exercise
Maybe the last thing you want to do when you have your period isworking outbut what you don’t know is that it can actually help relieve pain and discomfort. In other words, when you sweat, water leaves the body, which can relieve uncomfortable belly float.
If you don’t feel like working out especially during that time of the month, you canswitch to a slower paced activity like yoga or pilates. I would suggest you do the knees-to-chest pose -my all-time favorite pose.
How to do it? Lay down on the floor, bring your knees to your chest and wrap your arms around your legs, giving yourself a big hug.
Then inhale and roll your shoulder down away from the ears and exhale as you use the strength of your arm to squeeze and gently press the thighs down towards the core. You can try rocking side to side too.
You cando this as many times as you wantor at least until you feel your period pain is alleviated.
4. Take mefenamic acid pills a day or two before periods
First of all, what is mefenamic acid? It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) and isfrequently used for the treatment of inflammatory and painful conditions such as period pain.  Yes, ibuprofen is totallyeffective and mostly harmless but the drug’s a drug, take note, not to overdose, it’s best if you can talk to your doctor before you start buying yourself a bunch of them.
However, if you take it a day or two before your period pain kicks in, you are more likely to feel less or no pain during your first or second day period.
5. Give up drinking and smoking
There is no study showing that alcohol and smoking can relieve any pain or disease. According to a study, alcohol does not cause period pain but it canprolong the pain.Which means it canworsen PMS symptoms.
Excess alcohol consumption canincrease estrogen levelsand if that happens, you will have an irregular period cycle besides thepain last longer. It will alsomake you become more emotionalabout things that would otherwise be insignificant. It can also lead you to make a decision you probably wouldn’t otherwise approve of.
So, do your body a favor and lay off the liquid courage, at least during the time of the month.
If you continuously follow these 5 steps in your everyday life, you can mostly keep yourself away from the period pain. However, if you have done everything mentioned in the above but your period cramps still won’t go away, it is best if you refer to a doctor as they know best.


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