5 Tips You Need To Know Before Switching To Reusable Menstrual Cloth

April 20, 2018

Do you love rainbow or unicorn? I do. Why? Because they are colorful and they are so popular right now.
I have a unicorn handbag, unicorn makeup brush, and rainbow highlighters but there is one thing that always stays white -boring, and had never changed since my Early Ages. Sanitary pad or tampon.
Can you imagine a rainbow or unicorn sanitary pad? If I had one, I don’t think I would throw it away even after I’ve used it because it is too cute! -but it will be so disgusting though!
However, I heard you can get the best of both worlds by wearing a reusable pad.
What is a reusable menstrual cloth?
Basically, it works the same as a normal disposable pad but the only difference is that you can reuse it up to 5 years -or more!
I know probably there are parts of you wanting to switch immediately right? But before you do that, go through these 5 tips first!
1. Know your flow and size preference
Firstly, you need tomeasure your flow and your disposable pad size because it will beeasier for you to choose the brand thatsuits you best as there are many brands out there.
Secondly, you have to invest a bit at first because though it is reusable, it does not mean you can use the same one all day long. You still need tochange it regularly just like any other disposable sanitary pad.
It is recommended that youbuy 6-12 day pads, 1-3 overnights and 3-6 pantyliners.But it is totally up to you because there is no point buying a lot but in the end, you only use a maximum of six. Right?
Besides, you will also need to spend few dollars tobuy a wet bag or waterproof bag.For what? -to store your used cloth pads.Some company offers you a package where you can get a free bag if you buy a minimum amount of their reusable pads.
The price ranges from 7$ - 20$ each. If you are on a budget, you can always choose a cheaper one but I can’t guarantee you that there will be no leak.
2. How To Avoid leakage
Just like a regular disposable pad,you need to look out for leakage. Which is why you need to buy the right size that suits you and your flow. If you get everything right, the chances of leaking could be reduced.
Why? Reusable pad ismade from flannel and a few layers of cotton. Though it is bulkier and thicker -compared to disposable ones, you shouldn’t look down on their absorbency.
Also, they are typicallymade with wings that snap around the underwear to keep the sides of the panties dry. Some companies include awaterproof backing with their pad.
Plus, there is nothing to worry about if you wear it tonight.Choose an overnight size. I heard you can opt to use an overnight if you had just given birth and needed postpartum protection, or you are experiencing areally heavy flow and you have no time to change it frequently. In these cases, an overnight size is a good option.
3. How do you wash reusable menstrual cloth
Same as any other cloth, justtoss them into the washing machinetogether with other cloth. But remember toclean it first.
How to clean it? Every time you change your reusable cloth pad, you need torinse the used one gently with cold water to avoid odor and reduce stain. If you are at home you can pop them straight into the washing machine but if not, put it in the wet bag first.
If you are more comfortable to wash them separately, you cansoak them in the cold water and use a mild detergent and then scrub them.
To dry them using a dryer, you MUSTuse the lowest heat setting. If you want to air dry them,don’t let them dry under direct sunlight. This step will take a long time to dry so it is not practical if you don’t have a lot of stock.
Quick tip: Any detergent is fine butAVOID fabric softenerbecause they can make fabrics less absorbent.Don’t use bleach as it can break down the material and interfere with their absorbency and reduce the lifespan of your pads.
4. It can be worn with Thong
You were on a date, you wear a sexy dress and athong underwear and suddenly miss P came. You can pop on your reusable cloth pad. It is best if youchoose a disposable thong lineras they are designed to be worn on light days or as a backup to a menstrual cup or tampon. Don’t worry, wearing it won’t cramp your style.
5. Don’t use reusable menstrual cloth while swimming!
Though it brings you a whole lot of benefits, the cons are that they cannot be used forswimming. Just like disposable pads, they willabsorb water, making them soggy and ineffective for period protection.
Overall, a reusable pad is similar to a disposable pad except that they are cheaper in the long run. Some even said that it is good for your health because there is no chemical in it but to date, there is no study to prove it. And most importantly, they have more colors -including rainbow and unicorn, compared to a disposable pad.
If you think it worth to switch to a reusable menstrual pad, then go ahead but if not, try giving Hersday the benefit of the doubt.


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