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April 26, 2018

Define the worst day of your life? Mine would be every first day of my menstrual cycle. Why? Because that is the day when you lose control of your own body especially your period flow. Have you ever wished that you can control your period like you can control your will to pee?
Worry not, because Mina here has something to share with you. You have no clue either if you’re having a heavy or light flow every month. It’s like a gamble! You are safe if you guessed it right, but if not, make sure you have extra change in your wallet to buy a new underwear or worst, new pants. -sigh!
So, how do I handle it? Easy! I always keep a spare of the best menstrual pads in my makeup bag. How to choose the best sanitary pad? You must know the type, function, and material of each sanitary pad first.
Type of sanitary pad
I know this may sound intimidating and confusing but there are at least10 types of menstrual padson the market today! They aremini,light,regular,maxi,super maxi,overnight,maxi overnight,maxi extra-long overnight,wing or non-wing. Confusing still? Yup, Mina knows.
Yeay! Now you already pass the first stage -types of pads in the market today.
Next, what you need to understand is their function.
Function and Absorbency
Mini- Just like its name, is smaller and thinner compared to other sanitary pads. Its function is toabsorb daily vaginal discharge,spotting, or as abackup if you wear a tampon or menstrual cup. It is typicallyused at the end of your period when your period flow is lighter. Alsoknown as apanty liner,it is not suitable to be used on the first day period because it cannot absorb as much as other menstrual pad. -Fine, I’ll come clean, I made that mistake before and oh my that was embarrassing.
Light - Suitable if yourbleeding is very light. You can also use this type of menstrual pad if you prefer to wear a pad which you don’t feel like wearing any. Please keep in mind that thickness does not always correlate directly to absorbency, as there are thin and ultra-thin pads which absorb as much as a thicker pad.
Regular - The most popular one in the world of sanitary pads! It isslightly thicker and longer when compared to light padsand it offers you abetter absorbency.
Maxi & Super Maxi - This type of sanitary napkin is suitable for those who bleed profusely -okay that’s exaggerating, but you get me,and yourmain concern is leakage. Difference between maxi and super maxi is their thickness. Some say you will feel like wearingdiapers when you wear a super maxi but if you feel comfortable and confident, why not, right?
Overnight, Maxi Overnight & Extra Long Overnight - Just like their name, youwear these at night, giving youextra comfort when you sleep.Overnight pads are typicallylonger so it can help prevent blood flowing off the end of the pad for you to wake up in horror. It is not necessary to wear it at night only, you can use it as a day menstrual pad if you want too.
Wing or Non-Wing - Every type of pad mentioned above offers you a wing or non-wing option. For example regular wing or maxi wing. What is the function of the wings? Some say it’s for the leakage protection. Some claims, it’s to make sure your pad stays in place. Whatever the reason is, it is up to you to choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable. -non-wing is Mina’s personal fav.
My all-time favoritematerial for a menstrual pad is good-oldcotton because ithas good absorbency, leaving me feeling drier,  I can even feel my skin breathing though I didn’t change it for 4-5 hours. However, if you feel like you want something else other than cotton, you can opt forflannel, but bear in mind, flannel does not absorb very well compared to cotton.
Other than flannel, you can also look for sanitary pad made frombamboo velour. It is soft like cotton but you have to worry that it makes your skin feel hot and stuffy compared to cotton.
Mina’s Recommendation
I guess you’ve already known my menstrual pads preference if you read me well. Brief info about my period, I don’t have a super heavy flow where I need to change my pad every 2-3 hours although I have an irregular period cycle. Typically, my periods last for 5-6 days and the heaviest day would be on my first day period.
Which is whyI always go for light or regular size menstrual padbecause I prefer the feeling of“not wearing anything” when I’m on my period. To be honest I don’t remember when was the last time I bought an overnight pad. -hurm!
As for the material, you can obviously tell I prefer comfort and true comfort is derived from choosing a menstrual pad that has a material that dries down quickly. Is there any brand that has everything that Mina needs?
Yes. It’sHersday.
It is simultaneously light, comfy, breathable, and I can assure you, this is not a “too good to be true” pad. Give it a try and I bet you won’t regret. Do you want to know more secret? They are currently giving out FREE one month supply if you subscribe NOW! Limited to 1,000 subscribers. What else can you wish for right? Hurry up, hit the subscription box below.


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