Hersday | Monthly Subscription Based Period Pads To Make Your Life Easier

April 12, 2018

Purchasing period pads can be quite an embarrassing task for some women.
You might feel that people around you (especially guys) will find out that you are on your period and they might make fun of you.
Though you can try taking along your friends or family members to buy period pads, you will still feel uncomfortable and pressured while choosing your pads, especially if they are just standing right next to you.
In the end, you just grab whatever that is in front of you and then flee the scene. I understand, there is no satisfaction in it.
Which is whyHersday is here to make your life easier - because we know women.

First of all, Hersday subscription-based period pads business that will have your pads delivered right onto your doorstep, with no extra charges. Period!
Yes, you heard us right, just give us 3-10 days andvoila! You will have enough supply of high-quality pads every month. There is no need to for you to go grab your pads from the store, and no one will know you are on your period at all. How cool is that?  
Just think about it, if you run out of pad in the middle of the night, what will you do? You don’t want to put yourself in anydanger by driving alone looking for period pads, right?
Just so you know, we are doing this because we care about you and every other woman out there.

By the way, just let us know if you find any imperfections in our products, we’ll refund you 10x the amount! -Guaranteed!
However, if you are still unhappy with our product or service, you can cancel your subscription anytime you want. Just let us know (though it breaks our hearts).
If you want to know more about Hersday, feel free to click the subscription box below and get yourself free 1 month supply! - limit to our 1,000 first subscribers!
Go grab yours NOW!


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