How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps? | Without Vegetable or Painkiller

April 11, 2018

Two years ago, Quartz published a story in which a professor said period cramps can be “almost as bad as having a heart attack”.
Finally! A recognition that I was not being over dramatic about period cramps.

However, before Quartz published this article, I had to figure ways on how to deal with this pain or I will be labeled as a “drama queen”.
NO painkiller!
Personally, I prefer not to take any painkiller because I believe there must be ways to treat them naturally -I mean without any greens!
I’m just a typical human being who don’t exercise regularly -probably once or twice a month, and vege is NOT MY BFF! So how?

Let me share with you some of my tips on how to combat with period cramps without having to eat and drink everything green :
  • 1. Avoid fast food
  • Though it's cheap and convenient, most of it contains a lot of carbohydrates, sugar, unhealthy fats, and salt which can worsen up your period pain.
    It is best to avoid all of these at least until your period ends.
    Unless you are going there to have a bowl of salad, then it’s fine.

    2. Drink tea or coffee
    Don’t take this tips as a green light for you to drink it like your normal everyday routine. Some women may have different reactions to caffeine during PMS but if you don’t seem to have any negative reactions, then go ahead anddo your thang.
    I personally prefer to have tea instead of coffee and my favorite is green tea without any sugar -no doubt! I feel that it is nice to have a hot beverage especially during a long day at the office, especially a day or two before period.

    3. Keep yourself warm
    Drinking a hot coffee or tea alone is not enough. You need to keep yourself warm too before it went below zero and you turn into someone who is not you.
    A heating pad or rechargeable cordless heat wrap is nice but if you don’t have any of this, fret not, take an empty plastic bottle, pour it with hot water and wrap it with a towel or old cloth and put it on your lower part of your tummy. It is not necessary to lay down, so you can use it at your office.

    4. Consider essential oil
    Actually, this tip recommended by my sister. Only recently she uses essential oil in her everyday life including period cramps.
    As for a start, she suggests me to try :
    Clary sage: claim this oil helps naturally balance hormones which can reduce period cramps.
    Peppermint: This oil act as both pain reliever and anti-inflammatory so it’s a wonder to ease period pain.
    Lavender: The most versatile oil among other EO. Lavender is instrumental to combat with PMS because it has calming and relaxing effects.
    My suggestion is to rub 2-3 drops of each oil on lower abdomen then apply a warm compress for 2-5 minutes.
    It is commonly recommended that you dilute the oil with the carrier oil (like coconut oil), especially if you have sensitive skin but in my case, I dilute it and put it in a roll-on bottle so it’s easier for me to carry it around.
    It does not take the pain away but at least it gives you calmness especially at night.

    5. Stretching
    There is a reason why this place number 5 because I only do stretching if the other 4 tips I give you earlier won't work. You know there were times when your body being rebellious.
    I personally prefer to do some yoga pose and my all time favorite is the knees-to-chest pose.
    How to do it? Easy peasy!
    Lay down on the floor, bring your knees to your chest and wrap your arms around your legs, giving yourself a big hug.
    Then inhale and roll your shoulder down away from the ears and exhale as you use the strength of your arm to squeeze and gently press the thighs down towards the core.
    You can try to gently rock side to side too.

    Basically, this is what I did to combat with period cramps without having to eat greens. Though this may look like I’m not practicing a healthy lifestyle, I have a strong belief I can get the nutrients and vitamins thru supplements.
    So, do you have any special tips to relieve period cramps? We’d love to hear about them. Don’t forget to click the share button too.


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