It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Period Leaks!

April 04, 2018

Do you know there is a case where a woman sues her former employer for allegedly firing her because ofperiod leaks?
Trust me, I was shocked when I first read it.

You probably think the employer is being unfair, right? -Me too.
But come to think of it, why is there a leakage? Didn’t she change her pad or tampon? Or does she have the mindset, “I’m a healthy woman who is on her period. People will understand if there is a stain on my pants or the chair I’m sitting on.”
This got me thinking, is she completely innocent?
First, as a woman, I get really embarrassed even if there is a small stain on my pants.

That’s why I choose towear a panty liner every day just in case I got my period, at least it can buy me some time to wear a sanitary pad.
I remember I got traumatized for having a bloody ‘world map’ at the back my dress during my high school times.
How I wish I could forget that nightmare.
Since then, Ialways prepare a spare pad in my makeup bag, as well as anywhere I could keep, such as my handbag, the locker, my car, and any other small pockets or compartments around me.
They say rainy days will come sooner or later.

Besides bringing my spare pads everywhere, I alsohave at least one disposable undies in my makeup bag.
Do you know what disposable underwear is?
Same as other disposable items, it can only be used one time only before being tossed away. These items can be bought at any pharmacy or supermarket easily.
I understand, there are times you cannot avoid leakage, but trust me, these tips can save your favorite pants -and your confidence too.
I know you probably wait for me to say “wear a darker pants”, right?

 I’m just being realistic here.
It is up to you to wear any color you want because at the end of the day if you practice these 3 tips, your bright color pants or dress will be free from any map. -if you know what I mean.  
Don’t forget to share with us your story if you have tried these useful tips in the comment section down below.


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