Menstrual Cup Or Sanitary Pad? | Honest Review & Comparison

April 10, 2018

Besides tampons or sanitary pads, do you know of any other options that you can choose from during your periods?
Have you ever heard of a menstrual cup?

Menstrual cups are made with silicone, some with latex, but nevertheless, it can be reused for many years before purchasing the new one.
Different from pads and tampons, you insert the cup into your vagina to collect menstrual blood.
Yes, insert, but trust me, it’s not scary as it sounds.

Question is, which one is better? Menstrual cups or sanitary pads?
I have tried using both but honestly, I prefer to stick with my sanitary pads.
Firstly, youmust do some research on anatomy.
If you had never heard of it before -like me, anatomy is a study of the human body in terms of organs and structure
So, before using menstrual cups, you have to know where to insert it and when to stop pushing it inside because the last thing you want is to lose it somewhere inside your vagina.

Unlike tampons, they are bigger in size and they don’t have strings to allow you to pull it out. You have to remove it manually. -I mean, using your HAND.
Secondly, you have to beextra hygienic.
Your vagina hosts a variety of microorganism that had been living with humans since antiquity peacefully. However, when you use your bare hands to touch your pubic area, you have to make sure you washed your hands before you do so because you wouldn’t want to introduce some weird strains of bacteria that might gain a free pass easily into your precious female parts.
Not only that, you must also keep your menstrual cup clean too. You have to wash it every 6-8 hours and wipe it dry until there is no single blood left in the cup.
Since you are going to use the same one over and over again, you have to make sure you keep it in a clean place or container too.
I was pretty okay with using menstrual cups, I mean, come on, it just looks a bit gruesome trying to dig that stuff out but if you do it in the toilet it’s going to be fine. Well, at least this was what I thought until the following happened!

It hurt so bad!
You must know how toremove it properly or else it will hurt you like never before. -so bad till you feel like screaming your lungs out.
First time using it, I followed the instruction to the words, by squeezing the bottom to release suction so it did not hurt at all.
But after a few times using it, I pulled out a stem at the bottom of the cup because I thought I can take it out faster.
But I was wrong! Completely wrong!
I had to stop moving around 2-3 minute because it was so painful and I nearly passed out. It feels more like a tear but it’s inside your vagina so there is nothing you can do basically, EXCEPT to take a deep breath and get your hand back inside.

So, that is my experience of using menstrual cups. If I were given an option, I would choose to use sanitary pads instead.
I would rather invest my money in good quality pads rather than a menstrual cup because I don’t see the logic behind paying less for even 1% chance of excruciating pain.
I simply don’t see myself wearing it again even in desperate moments.
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