Organic Pad Review | Pros & Cons Of Organic Sanitary Pad

April 27, 2018

Let me guess, the reason you are here is you are planning to switch from conventional to organic sanitary pad but feels indecisive of it.Right?
Don't worry, as usual,Mina will walk you through your struggle by listing out the pros and cons of organic sanitary pads. - because I have extensive experience in both organic and non-organic pads. But before that, let me shed some light on what organic menstrual pad is.
Organic pads are made from non-chemical biodegradable materials, such as compostable cellulose wood pulp and plant starch, as well as unbleached cotton. They are also safer as they are not bleached with substances like chlorine.  
Pros 1: Good for the skin
Organic sanitary pads are superior to commercially available pads because they offer breathability while conventional sanitary pads have a lot of plastic content and can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.
By the way, have you ever wondered why it is important for you to choose a sanitary pad that allows your skin to breathe? It’s because your skin is the largest organ in your body and also the thinnest. Your skin is highly permeable too, especially the skin in and around the vaginal area.
Anything coming in constant contact with your skin will land in your bloodstream for distribution throughout your body. And do you know that chemicals on your skin do more harm than you ingesting them? At least enzymes in your saliva and stomach can help break down and flush chemicals from your body.
If they get into your skin, they will be absorbed straight into your bloodstream, going directly to your delicate inner organs and they can accumulate because your body typically lacks the necessary enzymes to break them down.
Which is why you are advised to opt for organic sanitary pads because they are made from organic cotton 100% and cotton is known to help your skin breathe when you wear them.
Pros 2: More hygienic
Prioritizingpersonal hygiene during your period is especially important. Apart from wanting to keep the genital area clean and fresh,women are slightly more vulnerable to bacterial infection during menstruation, due to the change in the vagina's pH balance.
Therefore, besides washingMiss Varea with lukewarm water, you should also wear an organic sanitary pad because they let your skin breath and also keep moisture and heat from increasing, meaning bacteria do not tend to thrive.
Cons 1: Expensive
Believe it or not, the price difference between organic sanitary pad with the regular one is the main reason why many of us prefer to stick with the old one -Mina is one of them. Guilty as charged!
Can you believe one organic pad cost you roughly around 10$ - 25% for 10 to 30 counts only? Whereas conventional sanitary pads only cost you around 6$ - 20$ for 20-50 counts plus sometimes you could get a pack of 30 counts if you buy more.
Though you can buy organic menstrual pad slightly cheaper onAmazon, theconventional one is also much cheaper there. -sigh!
Cons 2: Not environmental friendly?
Yes. You hear me right.A product being organic doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for the environment Don’t forget thatyou still need to change them every now and then, just like a regular sanitary pad. I agree that organic sanitary pads are biodegradable compared to the conventional one but is it enough?
If you are really into the idea of saving this planet, I would suggest youswitch to reusable padsor menstrual cups where they not only are environmentally friendly, they are cost effective too. -Mina has tried it too. Clickhere to know about it.
Mina's recommendation
There is nothing wrong if you want to try out the organic sanitary pad because I can guarantee you that it is a different kind of feeling when you wear it. Undeniably, it is softer but since I have never had any major allergies or reactions with the regular sanitary pad, I find it unnecessary for me to switch to organic.
In terms of hygiene, your main concern is to wear a sanitary pad that can absorb well and keep your Miss V area dry. Basically, Hersday has all of that benefit. For less than 15$ you can get 25 pieces of pads of not only regular day pads but also pantyliners and night pads, isn't that great? Besides, it is amonthly subscription so you don't have to worry about forgetting to place your order every month! Click thesubscription box below to give it a try. Trust Mina,  you won't regret this decision.


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