Panty Liner Secret Unlocked!

April 03, 2018

We all know sanitary pads made for period, but what about panty liner?
Let me shed some light on this topic.

Panty liner is also known as “mini pad” because they are smaller and thinner than regular sanitary pad and can be used every day but they cannot soak too much menstruation blood.
In other words, don’t use them on heavy days.
So, what’s the point of wearing it?
I have no idea until I wore it every day for 4 weeks.
As far as I can see,it helps to manage discharge.


Every woman will experience discharge or some called itwhite discharge -(because they are white color) a week or few days before period.
They don’t show any sign or symptom to give us a heads up.
In my case, it shows up at any time they want.Sigh!
Are you on the same page with me?
nyway, since then, I don’t have to worry about discharge issue anymore because first, it keeps my pant unstained.
Second,there is no more evil-smelling coming from down there.


For the record, funny smell rank on the top 20 things that will knock a woman’s confidence.
Especially during menstruation, our confidence will be badly affected due to an uncomfortable feeling, pain, and smell.
Which is why wearing a panty liner every day can curb this issue.
Besides,panty liner is cheaper than sanitary pad.


There should be no reason for you not to wear it on everyday occasion.
One huge pack of panty liner contains 20 to 40 pieces in it, and it costs less than $2. This turns out that a pack of panty liner could last you for a month, probably more.
If you are one of the cheapskates -like me, you can get it at a dollar store.
$1 a month, how hard can it be?
Well, this is just my two cents. Do you have any better idea on why panty liner should be our BFF? Drop us comment down below.


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