RARE Period Symptoms You Should Know!

April 06, 2018

Are you one of the 90% women on this planet who have a period cramp, mood swing or dizziness during PMS?
Or, are you one of the 10% weirdoes -like me,whofrequently experience‘unique’ period symptoms that are not listed inany ofthe periodtrackingapps?

Don’t panic! They’re classified as ‘unique’, but it doesn’t really mean you have any issues. Let’s see what are they, and see if you have any of them:
Plucking your eyebrow became too painful

I know this may sound like you have low pain tolerance but I know you are not.
This is because pain receptors are more sensitive during the time of the month.
So, stop being so hard on yourself, instead blame our old friend, period.
Concentrating is impossible

There are times when people try to explain things and you had to push yourself so hard to understand but in the end, you space out.
That is because your brain is steeping in a hormonal stew that can causebrain fogand difficulty concentrating.
My solution for this period symptom is sleeping. Give yourself some break.
Puffy hand and feet

When progesteroneteams up with estrogen - which is also fluctuating during menstruation week together they cause major fluid retention and cause swollen.
The best way to treat this situation is to hold off on eating salty foods and drink plenty of water.
Some evensuggested to elevate your feet to help fluid drain. -I’ve tried and it works.
Became closer to God

This is the time when you feel like you want to discover deep spiritual meaning in your life and get closer to God.
You start to readreligious books and pray every night.
Relax, this does not mean you are going to meet Him soon. It’s just one of the period symptoms thatMiss P is coming to visit you soon.
Period glow happens before period

Pregnancy glow is one of the lovely perks of having a baby. But is period glow a thing too?
Many claims our skin will glow a week or two after period because that is the time when your estrogen level is at their highest.
Where else, a week before period, every hormone went low except testosterone where they maintain the same.
Which is why acne or breakouts occur during this time.
In my case, period glow happens a week before period.
I came across an article saying women who have special period symptoms -like us, will react differently when testosterone level is on the same level with other hormones.
Though there is no study or proof to support this conclusion I am the living proof this theory is true.
Now, who says being normal is fun? It’s okay to be different from anyone else. It shows that you are special.
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