About Us

Who We Are

We hate periods as much as you do. That is why we created Hersday. We are a subscription based period pack company that provides women with an affordable, convenient, & all in one solution for sanitary pads. Our pads are also tested and proven by influencers worldwide to be comfortable, leak-proof, and extremely absorbent.

Our Mission

We know how tough it can get when you're down to your last pad, feeling tired and bloated, and yet you still need to head over to the drugstore to get your fix of pads.


Ladies, we're here for you! Let us do the work and bring your pads to you during your crampy days. We strive to make every woman's day better!

By subscribing to us, a portion will be donated to Foundation For Women's Cancer. That way, you will be a part in supporting all our sisters that are going through tough times. 

Much love from Team Hersday.


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