Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most asked questions from all our customers. If you have some burning questions that you couldn't find a solution here, please feel to write into us at support@hersday.com

Why should I choose Hersday if I could get sanitary pads from convenience stores?

Simple. Because we’re more convenient than any other convenience store. Nothing is worse than running out of stocks when menstruation comes, and you couldn’t go out to grab one at all. That happened to most of our members, to be honest. With Hersday, we make sure your stock is always up to date.

Are your sanitary pads good?

They are not good. They are one of the best. Our pads are made of high-quality absorbents that absorb 9 times faster and 3 times more than other storewide brands.

Are there any hidden fees or membership fees?

Absolutely nope. Whatever amount you see in our store are all final. We will not add in any sneaky fees at the end of the checkout, no worries. Membership is absolutely free as well!

Is this like some other scammy companies that are impossible for me to cancel?

No way. Customers always come first. If you think you want to cancel it, just let us know and we’ll do it right away for you!

What if my menstrual cycle is unstable?

We designed a 3 months plan, especially for the unstable kind like you. With 3 months plan, we’ll send you 3 months worth of pads, so that you won’t need to worry about the instability anymore. And it’s cheaper!

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